OLSSI Registration


What To Bring

Here’s a short list of things you should bring to OLSSI:

* Alarm clock
* Clothes for hot, cool, or rainy weather
* Toiletries (soap, shampoo, tooth brush, toothpaste, etc.)
And here’s a list of things you MAY want to bring:

* Camera
* Clothes hangers
* Comfortable shoes
* Extra blanket
* Extra money for dinner Monday night
* Extra pillow
* Extra towel
* Flip-flops for pool & showers
* Hair brush
* Hair dryer
* Hat
* Pajamas
* Robe – showers/bathroom are down the hall
* Sunscreen
* Swimsuit, if partaking in the pool
* Umbrella

* A “White Elephant Bingo” prize for Sunday night (A white elephant present is usually something unusual, somewhat useless, or just flat-out strange.  Knick knacks, Tchotchkes, weird kitchen items, or anything you’d like to re-gift. Wrap the gift leaving no identifying markings.)

* There may also be a “Library Jeopardy” game at the same time if our tech/projector request goes through.
And board games.  And movies.  And socializing.  And snacks.